comic strip

Updated: 10/10/2021
comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • I really want a soft drink. What do you think I should buy?
  • You know they have lots of sugar. Just buy water.
  • A lot of companies changed their formula to decrease the amount of sugar.
  • They are just attempting to perceive your opinion by deciphering information to form meaning.
  • Caution:Slippery when wet
  • I'm doing a favor for the soft drink business, I'm helping them gain profit.
  • The company targets customers as it's a cheaper choice than other drinks, making the buyer believe they are sparing cash.
  • Caution:Slippery when wet
  • Listen, it's affordable, and I never get it all the time since it's terrible for you and it's a squander of money.
  • ughhhh!
  • I get refunds on cans and bottles .
  • Adding a sugar assessment would help to diminish the high hazard of creating diabetes from soft drinks.
  • Thanks for providing me better knowledge for buying valuable goods.