among the hidden
Updated: 1/15/2021
among the hidden

Storyboard Text

  • why do i have to hide
  • why can't i play outside anymore
  • who are you
  • lukes family lives on a small farm and he is a third child
  • why did the government make the law that you can't have a 3d child
  • the government is building more houses so luke can't play outside any more
  • remove the law that people can't have a 3d child
  • one day luke saw this girl was outside and luke went to the house and broke in
  • bye family
  • after luke met jen they started hanging out every day as long as it didn't rain
  • after a while jen told luke about the rally to free 3ed children but a few days later jen died
  • when luke found out that jen died her dad offered him a fake id luke thought about it for a while the he accepted the id and moved out of the house and went to another home