Updated: 10/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Jeff is a young student that loves to read, but doesn't have the money to buy all the books he wants, because of that, he goes to his town's public library to rent some books for free!!
  • Jeff goes to the library hoping he can get the book he wants
  • Of course, let me just take a look at the system, are you registered here?
  • Hello, I would like to rent Frankstein.
  • 3000 years later.....
  • After waiting a looooong time of waiting, Jeff can finally get home and read the book.
  • Here's your book Mr, I'm sorry for the waiting time, our system is very old and keeps failing.....
  • Thank you
  • Weeks Later...
  • After reading the book, Jeff considers If it would be really worth it waiting all that time to get a new book to read. If only he could find another option....
  • Jeff discovered that the town's library adopted iREADER, which makes the book renting process a lot faster, intuitive and user friendly, where you can do everything through the app and then take your book at the library without waiting.
  • Welcome to iREADER
  • Now, before he goes to the library, his book will be ready for him, as soon as he arrives he can take it, without having to wait decades to do it.
  • José Eduardo Silveira - 4i
  • Wow, my book is already here, it's so fast!
  • iReader