CW Fairy Tale Part I

Updated: 2/19/2019
CW Fairy Tale Part I

Storyboard Text

  • Everyone, let's get all the food we can!
  • Once upon a time, in a forest filled to the brim with animals of many different shapes and sizes, there was one lone Spider who spent all of her time under the leaves of a large tree. Every day and every night, Spider hung from her leaf and waited for flies, mosquitoes, and other troublesome pests to fly into her web. She would do this all day, all week, and even all month, without ever talking to the other animals of the forest; she preferred to mind her own business.
  • In another part of the forest, there was the clever yet overbearing Fox, who wanted nothing more than to rule over the entire forest and every creature that dwelled within. With his deceptive diction and charismatic mien, Fox had set out to persuade everyone else that he should become their leader -- and he nearly succeeded. He told the other animals that, if they worked hard to feed the whole forest, no one would ever go hungry again. He promised that he would conduct their work and distribute the excess food to those who needed it most. The other animals were thoroughly convinced by this prospect, so the whole forest collaborated to fulfill Fox’s plans. To their surprise, everything worked out just as he said it would; because all of the animals did their part and were where they needed to be, they all lived happily... for a while.
  • Spider is... *whisper* *whisper* 
  • *Gasp* Really?! I can't believe it...
  • One animal, however, was still not content. Although he earned many of the animals’ trust and he didn’t have to work for a single meal, Fox was unhappy because not all of them worked for him, and he wouldn’t settle for anything short of complete control over the forest. After having every inch of the land searched for disobedient animals, he found that only one remained: the recluse Spider. Spider worked for no one but herself, which made Fox furious!
  • Spider needs to go!
  • “Somehow I must convince Spider to work for someone else for a change,” Fox said to himself, “or else I’ll have to kick her out of my forest!” He sent animal upon animal to try and persuade Spider, but to no avail; each messenger returned to Fox unsuccessfully. When this failed to make a difference, Fox used more underhanded tactics. He sent the most annoying and irritating animals he knew to disrupt Spider’s work and force her to concede. This strategy didn’t work either, however, since Spider simply ignored them, catching bugs as if no one was there.
  • Fox’s patience was running thin, so he resorted to one last plan: to run Spider right out of the forest entirely. Through word of mouth, Fox spread messages to all of the other animals about how Spider was lazy and selfish and how she wasted space. In only a few days time, everyone heard these rumors -- with some slight variance, of course -- and gathered together to discuss the problem.
  • During this meeting, Fox came to a verdict: “Spider doesn’t care one bit about protecting our forest!” he exclaimed. “She sits around all day doing nothing while we work tirelessly to make this forest great for everyone. We need to make Spider leave the forest for good!” This speech convinced the other animals, so Fox rallied them into a large mob, and they stormed towards Spider’s home.