Othello English FEU
Updated: 1/13/2020
Othello English FEU
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  • I isolated myself from my dear wife, Desdemona, and it had many effects on me.
  • I'm Othello!
  • I isolated myself from Desdemonabecause I trusted the lies of Iago. I thought that she was cheating on me.
  • Instead of just communicating with her, I isolated myself from her.
  • A major effect this had on me was that I lost trust, and I got unnecessarily jealous.
  • "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on" (3.3.195-197) Iago warned.
  • Jealousy is what formed in me, because I isolated myself, instead of actually talking to my wife.
  • Isolating myself from Desdemona also lead to the death of my poor, innocent wife.....
  • …..and my own death.
  • "I kissed thee ere I killed thee. No way but this, Killing myself, to die upon a kiss" (5.2.420-421)
  • Looking back, I shouldn't have isolated myself.
  • I uttered those words to my wife just before I died.
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