Updated: 1/16/2021

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Storyboard Text

  • Person vs Self
  • “ this hot house. She coughed, trying to free her throat and lungs for breath.” Pg 75
  • Then, just at dusk, the sky opened, and it began to rain—not light spring showers, but cold, soaking torrents of rain, streaming down her face, icicling rivulets down her chest and legs...but her sodden clothes and blistered feet reminded her how unsuited she was to continue the journey.” Pg 46-47
  • Person v. Nature
  • Person v. Society
  • "Well I am, or rather, I was.”“Some have considered me a slave.” Pg 42
  • Because the author tells us what lyddie it doing and what's happening to her while working in the mill cause it overwhelming.
  • The text says that her feet were blistered and her clothes sodded and also that theres soaking cold rain outside. A rain is from nature and this is affecting her.
  • Some people think that Ezekiel isn't equal to others because of the color of his skin and they think he is a slave. Ezekiel doesnt think hes a slave though.