Updated: 10/22/2020

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  • Exopsition
  • Go away socs!-Dally
  • Rising Action 1
  • Stop you two!
  • i killed him poneyboy i had to or else he will kill you.
  • Rising Action 2
  • First poneyboy got jumped by a group called the socs and he was part of a gang called the greasers and in this part is when the whole gang is introduced
  • Climax
  • where are the kids !
  • Then some socs got mad at poneyboy and johnny because they were hanging out with thier girlfreinds and they were about to fight and cherry stopped them.
  • Falling Action
  •  After that johnny and poneyboy went to stay at the park since dally slapped poneyboy then a group of soc started to surround jhonny and poneyboy.Then they started to drown poneyboy because he spit on them then johnny killed bob
  • Resolution
  • if you can write an autobiography ill raise you grade to a C-
  • Then they heard some people near the church and they saw it was on fire and they notcied and heard that their were kids inside of the church and they went in to save them. Poneyboy Dally and Johnny ended to go to the hospital.
  • quick jump out i found them!
  • Then johnny died in the hospital and the greasers won the soc but then dally went crazy robbed a store and threated the police with a unloaded gun they shot him and he died.
  • After johnny died poneyboy started to get bad grades and his english teachcer told him to do a autobiography and the book the outsiders was made.
  • can it be more than 3 pages?
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