Boy is too smart for his own good
Updated: 2/6/2021
Boy is too smart for his own good

Storyboard Text

  • Hmm, that slide is too steep, I think its dangerous for kids when they will try to climb it.
  • Time to measure If Im right, I guess..
  • A
  • Hmm.. The height of the slide from floor to the pole 2m would be ab and the distance between the pole and at the end of the slide is 2m which would be bc and it is incline at 20°,
  • So I need to use one of the SOH CAH TOA. In this case, I can use Cosine which is Cos 20°. So it would be Cos 20°= 2/ac. Cos 20° is 0.9. Cos 0.9=2/ac. The ac is missing so it would be ac=2/0.9. The length of the slide is 2.2 m so It is safe for kids, that's good.
  • Time to go home..
  • Home at last, wait I didn't notice it before?! Hmm the stairs is steep. I wonder what's the angle of the bottom of the stairs.
  • C
  • B
  • Hm. The length of the side of the stairs is 3m. And it is 4 meters high. And the length of the stairs is 5m. So I need to the SOH since it is opposite/hypotenuse.
  • Since it is SOH. It would be 4/5 which is 0.8. Then I can do Sin-1(0.8), that would be around 53°. Its a little steep but its safe.
  • Time to go rest.