Unknown Story
Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Hernan Cortezs heading to Mexico.
  • Hernan Cortez and his army landed in Mexico.
  • Montezuma II and Hernan Cortezs meeting each other.
  • This scene shows Hernan Cortezs heading into America and the guards are also watching.
  • They both are allies
  • Hernan and his army make it to Mexico and he is going to the Aztec and steal there gold.
  • Cortez captures Montezuma and steals all his gold
  • Montezuma II and Hernan Cortez see each other and Montezuma welcomes them to talk.
  • Cortez kill Montezuma by strangling him to death.
  • Montezuma is welcoming Cortez and Cortez is asking for a trade with gold.
  • Cortez men capture Montezuma and asked him where all the gold is.
  • They srangele him to death and steals all his gold.