Updated: 5/16/2020

Storyboard Text

  • As a child, Chanya was bullied; about her skin color, her hair, the way she dressed, her height, everything!(the song W.A.Y.S. will be playing through this and slide 4) (this will be a medium shot in black and white)
  • She was slowly growing to hate herself. She a lot. There were even times when she wanted to end it all. (this will be a close up but also in black in white)
  • One day, Chanya was on the metro on the way home and she sat in front of a lady who mirrored everything she wanted to be in life. She asked the lady how and the lady simply answered "Be you. Do you. For you." (this scene will be a medium shot and the black and white will fade into color.)
  • That day, Chanya decided it was time for a change. She spent that whole afternoon and night recreating herself with self love. And the next morning, she became a superhero. She needed a hero, so she became one. (scene will be a close up in full color and the song ends)
  • Ever since then, Chanya has flown and helped people across the world. She even helps people who haven't been very kind to her in the past. (^ that will be a voiceover. this scene will be a medium shot of Chanya helping someone homeless by giving them a "self care" basket) 
  • Even when Chanya is unable to fly around and help others, she has this corner where she can see people's problems written on sticky notes and she can help them by touching the sticky notes and talking to the people. (^that will also be a voiceover. the scene will start as a close up and then zoom out.