MIddle ages
Updated: 3/10/2021
MIddle ages

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  • So this is how you write " Good morning "
  • Isn't it shocking that education are so rare!?
  • The majority of people were unable to read and write. A few people however, mainly Monks,were educated to a very proficient level.
  • These kids.. Always horsing around...
  • But those who were uneducated had struggles with reading and more
  • Ah, Okay. Wait here soon
  • Its hard to communicate when I know so little. How can I order?
  • Most people were very uneducated in the middle ages
  • Haha! By the way, I want a bottle of wine
  • England by today's standards was a very violent country. Local wars were common, and it wasdangerous to travel except in large group
  • Wow, look how the tables have turned..
  • REEEEEEE! HELP MEH. I didn't sign up for this!!
  • In the middle ages, it was not peaceful.