Storyboard That: Confucius
Updated: 12/17/2019
Storyboard That: Confucius
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  • It's a boy Shuliang He!
  • Let's name him K'ung Fu-Tse
  • & etiquette
  • Learn about: History,
  • poetry,
  • ethics,
  • Let's learn about history.
  • I am the Chancellor of Lu, I want to try the basis of my theory! States are at war!
  • Yan Zhangzai had just given birth to K'ung fu-Tse meaning Master Kong. Confucius's dad, Shuliang He, had wanted a son. He was born in Lu on the east coast of China.
  • That's mean!
  • Do unto others as you would have done to yourself. Be nice to your older sister.
  • Confucius started his life of teachings as a little kid. He turned his house into a school. People who went received knowledge of history, poetry, etiquette, and ethics.
  • Hey! Do not laugh at her. Be concerned and help her up!
  • As Confucius get older, he becomes buildings minister to justice minister and soon the Chancellor of Lu. This is the perfect opportunity to test out his theories while the China states are at war.
  • Here are the laws: Do not-
  • I don't respect him.
  • Do not steal, if rule is broke, will result in death
  • Ruling means correcting! No one respects you so no one will listen to you!
  • Confucius wanted to teach that you should respect someone in terms of a family. For example, son obeys father. He also wanted to teach the golden rule, that teaches people to get along with other people.
  • Confucius taught Ren + Li, Ren meaning concern for others and Li meaning appropriate behavior. He wanted people to get along connecting to the golden rule.
  • Confucius believed that there shouldn't be any laws. He believed that ruling mean correcting because if no one respects a ruler, his laws will be unnecessary because no one will listen to them.
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