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Updated: 2/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • These are producers producers you might ask what do they produce well they produce oxygen.You´ll probably ask how do they make oxygen by photosynthesis.They get the energy for photosynthesis from the sun.
  • As you can see they have grown tremendesly. You might ask where are the consumers well they are about to come and im going to tell you about there life cycle like I did with producers
  • These is a cow and a horse also known as consumers. You might be thinking how are these consumers well there eating grass. Grass is also a producer and consumers rely on other consumers or producers and they rely on producers.
  • As you can see they grew and they grew by eating producers they get the energy from producers.You might be asking how to the plants have energy well they get sunlight the sun shoots rays of energy .
  • Now to tell you about the life of decomposers. First the word decomposer means any organism that helps break down and decompose any dead thing in its ecosystem.
  • Can you guess what happend to the poop a decomposer got to the poop and sucked all the nutrients out of the poop.We see it as disgusting poop while the decomposers see it as a pile of nutrients.
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