dragon dragon 2
Updated: 5/19/2020
dragon dragon 2

Storyboard Text

  • "Dragon, dragon how do you do? I´ve come from the king to murder you"
  • Now the cobbler´s youngest son saw that ths time turn had come. He was very upset and nervous. He was not clever like his eldest brother. He was not strong like his second-eldest son, so he ask for an advice to his dad. His dad said "When and if you come o the dragon´s lair, recite the following poem:
  • The eldest son couldn´t kill the dragon, neither the second-eldest brother, so...
  • Say it loudly and firmly, and the dragon fall, God willing at your feet.
  • Any advice for me dad?
  • The dragon can´t stop laughing, and suddendly, the cobbler´s son began flopping the sword end over end the direction of the dragon, the sword fell, slicing the dragon´s head off. "Ha ha ha" went the dragon, and then he lay dead.
  • The dragon already see the cobbler´s youngest son, while he was still a long way off, was seated up above the door, inside the cave. He was waiting and smiling for himself.
  • "Dragon, dragon how do you do?I´ve come from the king to murder you"
  • That was a very good poem.
  • You? You? Murder me? HAHAHAHAHAAH
  • The two older brothers crawled out and thanked their younger brother for saving their lives. "We have learned our lesson" they said.
  • And by the end, everyone in the kingdom was happy.