Unknown Story
Updated: 3/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • hey jordan
  • good you?
  • it was good what about you drew
  • oh hi guys how was your summer?
  • bell rings
  • it was fine
  • oh got to go talk to you guys later.
  • okay see you guys later.
  • oh yes so the paris art program is having a art contest and i submitted a picture of yours and you made it to the top ten if you win you get 2 thousand dollars
  • Hi jordan i just wanted to remind you about the paris trip are you planning on coming?
  • yes i was planning on coming on the trip you also said you had a suprise for me.
  • hi Jordan we heard you got up to the top ten in the paris drawing competition
  • Andy didn't like all the attention that jordan was getting so he decided to do something about it.