Updated: 2/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I fought against slavery in Maryland starting in 1849, after I had escaped.
  • Excuse me Mrs. Tubman, but when and where did you fight for human rights?
  • I fought for the right to everyone is born free and equal because people were enslaving black people.
  • which human right did you fight for?
  • No because I would disguise my self and hide, sometimes I would dress like a man like this.
  • did you ever get caught Harriet?
  • I would go to plantations and free the slaves and liberate them. I would help them get to a safehouse.
  • What are some ways you fought for human rights?
  • I wanted freedom for everyone, and i learned the escape route to the north well. Knowing these, I became the leader of the underground railroad.
  • what are some ways that you were a leader?
  • What is one Famous thing that you are known for?
  • I was a soldier,spy,and scout in the civil war, where I led a army operation to free some slaves down south.