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Rules of the Game
Updated: 10/1/2020
Rules of the Game
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  • The kids and their mother are gathered for a Christmas gathering. Each sibling gets a gift and the mother makes sure their kids show appreciation.
  • One of the brothers got a chess set from the Christmas gathering, he insists that him and his brother play together. So they sat at the kitchen table and start to learn how to play the fascinating game of chess.
  • The younger sister Waverly Place Jong, saw the brothers playing and begged them to play the game with them. The brothers kept saying no but she kept insisting and they eventually let her play chess.
  • After many games of chess with her brothers and getting better at the game by learning and beating her brothers, she's gotten really decent at the game so when she sees old people playing chess at the park. She asks him for a game. This old man teaches a whole bunch about chess throughout the summer, resulting in her getting amazing at it
  • Using all of the knowledge she gained over the some, Waverly Place Jong would play tourists that came to visit and she would beat them one by one. She kept this up until one day someone suggest that she play in the local tournaments. So after her mom let her play in her first tournament, she continued to play in a bunch of other tournament, winning against a lot of highly ranked opponents
  • Whilst at the store with her mother, Waverly Place Jong was tired of her mother going out of her way to introduce her as a chess prodigy. When Waverly confronted her mother, her mother got angry and asked why she felt embarrassed about these things, but Waverly got overwhelmed and turned around to run but she ran into an old women her dropped her groceries. Waverly even more flustered than before. Took off and didn't go home for hours...
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