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Careers Storyboard Multiple Intelligent
Updated: 2/19/2019
Careers Storyboard Multiple Intelligent
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  • Multiple Intelligence distinguishes the different conceptual abilities of a person. Not to be confused with learning styles which represent how one grasps information best. Before I begin I would like to share what I will be discussing. First off I will be explaining and providing an example of my top 3 intelligences. The next part will be me sharing 6 occupations that I believe would be a good fit for me based on my intelligences. I will converse about whether I would actually consider the occupations I will list as a real job opportunity in the future.
  • What does multiple intelligence mean?
  • My top 3 intelligences consist of Visual-Spatial 81% Intrapersonal 68% and Bodily-Kinesthetic 59%. Visual-Spatial means that I have keen visual memories of things like faces and places, paths and designs. It also means that I am good with using my eyes and identifying sizes, distance and measurements. Intrapersonal intelligence is the awareness of oneself including their feelings, goals and beliefs. Intrapersonal people have a better time with self-observation because they know what type of person they are. Bodily-Kinesthetic is using your physicality to understand information. This includes activities like dance, sports and hands-on projects.
  • My strongest intelligence is visual at 81% this means I like to use my creativity and I have better visual perception than the other intelligences.
  • An example of how I am a visual-spatial intelligence is that I love photography. This is not something that I learned to love but always had a passion for taking photos. When I was younger I used to take my 3DS on trips and record or take photos of places I’ve gone. I then got an Ipod that i used none stop for pictures and games as always. I enjoy taking pictures and to enhance my photo taking skills, I took a media arts course in school. I consider my love for photography a hobby as it’s something that I like to do in my spare time.
  • I am very simple. Simple meaning I am not indecisive in my likes and dislikes. This is because I am an intrapersonal intelligence. This means I know myself better than most people perceive themselves. I know what I want when I want it.
  • A real-life example of me being intrapersonal is that I am very straightforward. When something is on my mind I will tell whoever I am speaking to what I’m thinking. This is because I know myself very well so I have a strong understanding of my ideas and values. If I think something someone says to me is rude or the person is giving a backhanded compliment or when people try and twist my words and make me seem like I am the bad guy.
  • My last intelligence and probably my favourite one but not my best would be bodily-kinesthetic.
  • I have a feeling bodily kinesthetic is not my top intelligence because I'm not always into doing active things. I can either be super lazy or super active there is no in between. I love being able to interact with creating with my hands or body. For example I love basketball I volunteer once a week because I like it so much. I am also a dancer I do Bhangra at my academy once or twice a week depending on the month. I am surprised I am not more than 59% bodily- kinesthetic. I also swim and I started to learn to skate on my own.
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