Age of jackson
Updated: 2/11/2020
Age of jackson

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  • 1824 John Adams and the corrupt bargain
  • 1828 Tariff of Abomination
  • 1828- Jackson's first elections
  • Andrew Jackson was cheated out of presidency because he won the most popular vote but the House of Representatives chose John Q Adams because they had good connections
  • 1828- south Carolina Nullification
  • say NO to Tariffs
  • Say YES to tariffs!
  • The Tariff of Abominations was the name given by its southern opponents to the Tariff of 1828
  • 1830- Worcester vs Georgia
  • Jackson was elected into presidency and created the spoil system.Jackson was supported by laborers, farmers, and frontiersmen.
  • 1836-trail of tears
  • a tariff was put on imported goods which made the southerners mad because it would hurt there agricultural economy so they opposed it. They were so mad that they threatened to secede then it was reduced
  • The Supreme Court ruled that Native Americans had sovereign powers. Jackson ignored the rules of supreme court, and removed them anyway.
  • president jackson sent federal troops to relocate 16,000 Cherokees west of the Mississippi River.1/4 died of exposure,starvation, and fever.