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Perseus Story Board Vincent LaGrew Block 2
Updated: 10/16/2020
Perseus Story Board Vincent LaGrew Block 2
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Storyboard Text

  • Ordinary World
  • Call to Adventure
  • Meeting the Mentor
  • The story begins with a man named Perseus who lived on a called Seriphus. He had a very difficult childhood with him being cast into the ocean by his father.
  • Crossing the First Threshold
  • But one day the wicked king of the island named Polydectes wanted Perseus' mom, so he tricked Perseus into finding and killing the Gorgon Medusa which he thought was impossible.
  • Tests, Allies, Enemies
  • On Persues' quest, he met up with two gods, Hermes and Athena who told him to go to the Gray Women to tell Persues where he can get the tools to fight Medusa.
  • Approach
  • When Perseus came across the Gray Women he stole the eye that all the women shared so they could tell him where the gear was.
  • When Perseus arrived at the place that the gray Women told him to go he found himself in a place with people partying and dancing and they led him to flying sandals, a magic wallet, and a cap that made the wearer invisible.
  • Before Perseus came on the island that the Gorgons resided both Hermes and Athena gave him a sword and a shield to fend off the Gorgons.
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