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Updated: 1/31/2020
Columbia Collge
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  • Anubis is the Egyptian god of the underworld. After a millenia of gods and godesses fighting in the "War of the Eternals" Anubis has finally brought piece and prosperity to the realms.
  • Seth or Suetekh the Egyptian god of war, chaos and storm, not complient with the end of the war because he lived of the chaos that the war brought with it. He grew mad with rage and assasinated Anubis.
  • With Anubis gone and the Egyptian pantheons throne empty this leaves a power inbalance between the 3 major pantheons, the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptains. Hades the Greek god of the underworld deicdes to take control of the Egyptain throne he launches an attack on the mortal world.
  • Alex short for Alexandria a poor but faithful commoner in the streets of Egypt. One day while Alex is doing his daily prayer he receives a Devine inervention.
  • Athena the goddess of wisdom and courage has tasked Alex to ascend the tallest peak of the realms even past Mt. Olympus to find the mythical tree known as Yggdrasil. It will be a perilous adventures crossing land, sky, and sea. 
  • After days, weeks, and months of a perilous journey threw the unknown Alex finally reaches the highest peak. There Alex is adorned with armor of legends. King Arthurs King Sword to pierce threw any enemy, Perseus Medusa Shield to defend against any enemy, Mercurys helmet and shoes for agility and speed, and Areas armor for endless life. With these items Alex is ready to slay anyone, even a god...
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