All Summer in a Day /By:Bella Rubbe and Kylie McKenzie
Updated: 11/26/2019
All Summer in a Day /By:Bella Rubbe and Kylie McKenzie

Storyboard Text

  • Running to the Bathroom
  • Margot! What's wrong?
  • Crying in the Bathroom
  • You can be my friend! My name is Grace! What's your name?
  • Why doesn't anyone like me and want to be friends with me?
  • Getting Picked Up at School
  • That's great! Does she want to come over?
  • Mom! I made a new friend
  • The kids lock Margot in the closet and don't let her see the sun. After they let her out of the closet she runs to the bathroom with tears falling from her eyes. She feels nobody likes her nor wants to be around her.
  • She arrives in the restroom and starts to question why people don't want to be friends with her. Then, a little girl named Grace heard her sobbing and she walked in the bathroom and starts to talk to her. Then suddenly they became friends because Grace has been bullied also and she knows how it feels.
  • They walk out to parent pickup together. Margot runs out and tells her mom all about her new friend. Margot's mother asked if she wanted to come over. Grace decides to go over and they have a fantastic time.