English Project

Updated: 7/24/2020
English Project

Storyboard Text

  • No
  • Every day at her new school was torture for Emily just because she was weak and shy a group of people in her class used to bully her, take her lunch and make her do their homework. Emily was helpless against them.
  • One day the same thing happened. when her mother went to pick her up,she saw Emily surrounded by the bullies.
  • I think mom is right.
  • At home she asked Emily that was anything wrong at school, she mumbled no and went up in her room but her mother knew that something was wrong.
  • It is important to stand up for yourself.
  • The next day the bullies tortured her so much that Emily went home with tears in her eyes Emily was in her room when her mother came she told Emily that when she was at school there were some people who bullied her. She learned to stand up for herself and got rid of the bullies
  • Emily thought the whole night about this.
  • When Emily went to school the bullies came to her and before they could say anything, she told them that she wasn’t scared of them anymore and if they tried to bully her again Emily would report them to the principle. This scared the bullies and they never bullied her again.