My Defense Mechanism Story Board- AP Psych- Ella Beck

Updated: 3/7/2021
My Defense Mechanism Story Board- AP Psych- Ella Beck

Storyboard Text

  • Reaction Formation: Suzy internally hates being around Thomas, especially having to do a class project with him. Strangely, she acts incredibly cheerful and overly happy when working with him.
  • Stop Copying Me!
  • "Stop Copying me!"
  • Denial: While Jeremy here has fully acknowledged his mother's death and is grieving, his sister, Lucia, is unbelieving, even at the funeral and burial.
  • Sublimation: Ralph is sensitive, and he used to run away from home whenever he got into a fight with his parents. Now, he has focused his energy on running track at a high level.
  • Todd, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Why are you barking at a little girl?
  • Regression: The Countess grows angry at her daughter for reverting back to a childhood outburst of copying what the other person says mockingly.
  • Displacement: Malcus is upset that his mother won't let him get a gecko as a pet, even though his brother can have one, so he kicks the bus in anger before getting on.
  • Rationalization: Todd later explains that he was only barking at the little girl because she was trampling a beetle, but Todd inwardly knows that he just barked at her for the fun of it.
  • WOOF!