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Updated: 3/16/2020
Unknown Story

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  • the crusades
  • take over the jews
  • ohh noo
  • the 3rd crusade
  • take back the holy land
  • defend the holy land
  • crusades fall
  • we are out numbered
  • they took over jerusalem in the 1000s and then they went to byzantine
  • magna carta
  • the jews fought for to get the holy land back and conquered the europeans
  • the nobles fought back
  • the crusades got outnumbered in the hot dessert they then got taken over by the jews
  • the nobles captured king john
  • king john was abusing his power and controlled everything in the kingdom
  • nobles disagreed with the king having all the power so they refuged
  • they forced him to sign the magna carta to take away his power
  • sign the magna carta