Updated: 1/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I am the torn apart shells the storm brought, I am the remaining humid air from the sea, IM the pain of the shells against my skin refreshing the memories of a young little girl whos dreams were built on agony and restraint
  • i am the little hope light for the hurricanes, I'm an anger reliever, I'm the punching bag of the universe, but I'm still the little hope light the hurricanes wished to create
  • I'm the burning sun on my skin, I'm the rocky path of my early years, I'm the burning scars of the suffering I'm the leader towards the bigger light.
  • I'm the uplifted cloud the hurricanes see me as, I'm the cold air theyre afraid of, I'm the potential they feared would turn into revenge, I'm the grey complexion of a hurt one.
  • im the lonely cold cloud up in the air, I'm the expectation of everyone rising and taking me to orbit, where I can barely breath, I'm the brave face of pain and fair defense
  • im a seeker for once, ive come dwn to ask for the dream life I've always wanted, I'm my own expectation, on not on hurricane zone anymore, I'm not in orbit zone anymore, I'm a healing cloud with the hope of the bigger light reflecting over me.