the cask of amontillado
Updated: 2/10/2020
the cask of amontillado

Storyboard Text

  • Montressar got an amontillado from a man without asking Fortunato if it was actually amontillado so they go down to get it.
  • montresser had a sord they both started screaming and he started wailing him into a wall and he started having a mental breakdown
  • Fortunado started coughing but wouldnt leave the catacombs Montressar try to get him to leave but he doesnt . he drinks some wine.
  • they are walking through the catacombs and is having an coversation while montresser is also planing to kill fortunado
  • montresser chained him to a wall he lied about the wine he just wants to kill him
  • montresser locks him in the walls of the catacombs and leaves him there to starve to death.