Once Upon A Time (Comic Strip)
Updated: 9/10/2020
Once Upon A Time (Comic Strip)

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time, there was a little girl and her mother living in a palace alone together. They ran away from the abusive father to live off on their own.
  • Mom, I am scared.
  • The mother wanted to protect the girl from getting taken away by the abusive father who has been looking around for them everywhere like crazy. They tried to stay inside the palace to hide, therefore it looked like no one was living in the palace as if it was haunted.
  • Mom, I wish I could play outside
  • However, it was hard to keep the little girl who was vigorous, always full of energy, and wanted to play around the palace trapped inside. So, the mother decided to build a huge fence around the palace to protect the girl. She was still doubtful about the fence and installed more and more security systems for higher protection.
  • Then on a cloudy morning, the woman woke up and couldn’t find her daughter anywhere inside.
  • OH NOOOOOO!!!!
  • I finally found my beloved daughter.
  • So she immediately rushed outside the palace to find her daughter walking towards someone standing behind the fence. She started running to take back the little girl, but it was too late. The father hacked the security systems, took the little girl, and locked the mom inside.
  • The mother tried to get out of there to take her child back but the security systems broke down and she got locked inside. The mother of the daughter was trapped inside the palace till the day she died.