Minnesota's Jobs
Updated: 4/24/2020
Minnesota's Jobs

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  • Minnesota's community was growing, including its population. The people needed jobs to keep living there, so many men found a job with lumber, which they mostly used to build more houses, but without these workers, the company would shut down and houses would stop being built.
  • Men who worked with lumber usually worked in forests. The forests probably looked a lot better back then, though...
  • Working with lumber each day was hard and long, and many of the men were exhausted after each day. Soon, though, machinery was acquired.
  • Later, better tools were acquired, and more loads of wood was carried. Unfortunately, the more wood that was carried out was clearing out forests, leaving very little trees behind.
  • In addition to better tools for woodworking, all of the wood that was unused was put into the river, which led to some problems in the future. Mainly, a big part of the river clogged!
  • All in all, woodworking was mostly a good resource job to have, and it not only helped the people by building homes for them, but it also paid all of the workers so they could keep paying bills and such.
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