The mouse
Updated: 3/31/2021
The mouse

Storyboard Text

  • We just got to the station. Usually I dont talk to strangers but of course, I will get you a cab.
  • Oh , thank you, I like this type of people who helps others.
  • While you were sleeping,I was trying to get rid of the mouse quietly but it didnt work out so im sorry for waking you up..
  • It is okay! I was planning to stay awake when I got to the train anyways!
  • Here is the cab! I would love to have your phone number so we will be able to keep talking to each other!
  • My phone number is 054857594and my name is Maddie!
  • I think I should call Theodoric... if he helps other people like he helped me, thats mean he is kind so it will be nice to have a nice and kind good friend...
  • Maddie is calling...
  • Should I answer?
  • Theodoric