The French Revolution
Updated: 2/9/2020
The French Revolution
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  • We don't have any money left to pay you.
  • I've come to collect your money.
  • In 1780s in France, the rich were very rich and the poor (common people) sometimes didn't even have bread on their table! The poor people paid their taxes to the King and the rich and they also borrowed from other countries. By 1789 France owed a lot of money.
  • In 1789 most of the common people in France were penniless. They had enough of paying taxes to King Louis XVI and it was time for the common people to take over. They took over the Bastille prison and stole weapons and explosives to fight the French army.
  • 1791 King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette ran off and hid somewhere disguising themselves as servants. A soldier recognised the Queen first then the King from a coin. They were captured and taken back to Paris and wasn't in charge anymore.
  • In 1792 Austria told the Revolutionaries to bring back the King or else something horrible will happen to them. They ignored them and in 1973 they cut off King Louis XVI head off, and the Queen's head off, and anyone who didn't agree with them. Between 16,000 & 40,000 heads were cut off in 2 years using a guillotine.
  • In 1799 The Directory was created (5 members of the group) and were in charge of France.
  • In November 1799, Napoleon got rid of the Directory and became Chief Army Commander and leader of France. He crowned himself and that was the end of the French Revolution.
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