Palo Alto
Updated: 2/2/2021
Palo Alto

Storyboard Text

  • Taylor being sent to Rio Grande
  • Mariano taking the U.S. army as hostile
  • April 25, 1846
  • President James Polk ordered Taylor to move forces into Texas to defend the Rio Grande which is what the U.S. claims is the international border.
  • Officially declaring war
  • The General Mariano saw this as an invasion of Mexican territory.
  • During the battle
  • And in April, he finally took his soldiers across the river and attacked, starting the Battle of Palo Alto
  • Winning the battle
  • In the middle of the conflict, James Polk officially declared war on Mexico on May 13 and started to build the U.S. Army.
  • Already in a battle, on May 8 Taylor continued to fight for their border near Palo Alto.
  • In the end, Taylor won giving the first victory to the U.S. with 4 killed and 42 wounded.