science story bard
Updated: 2/23/2021
science story bard

Storyboard Text

  • #1 overproduction
  • #1 variation
  • the ones with the black triangles have the long fur
  • #3 environment
  • overproduction is when the pandas have to many offspring for them to keep alive over time.
  • #4 Struggle
  • the variations of the pandas are long fur (selected against) and short fur (selected for) and the pandas with short fur are more likely to survive because they can out run there common predators (leopards) through bamboo.
  • #5 selection
  • in the pandas environment it is full of bamboo which is there food and has a predator which is a leopard.who threatens pandas extinction.
  • #6 Differential reproduction
  • Pandas are normally able to get their food without any distraction but they always could have of other species stealing their food like gorillas.
  • the variations of fur are selected for and against which would be short fur is selected for and long fur is selected against which means short fur pandas are more likely to survive because they can move within the bamboo easier than longed fur pandas to escape there predators.
  • over time natural selection and evolution make it to where there are basically only short furred pandas and just a couple of long furred pandas.