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Updated: 10/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Have you heard about the bill of rights?
  • Yes but I do not know much about it
  • Well, there are 10 amendments but I will tell you 3 amendments
  • Indeed thank you I would love to know
  • well the first amendment I will tell you is the freedom on religion this is about supporting someone that is a different religion than you or just respecting them
  • Thank you, For letting me know what is your next amendment?
  • next Amendment is the right to bear arms this amendment is about having the right to have guns and ward off the English
  • wow thank you so much I am learning stuff already thanks!
  • the next amendment is the protection against housing solders in civilian homes this was about forbidding forceful military personnel in a persons home during peacetime
  • o wow that is so interesting. who is teaching this great information too you?
  • My amazing teacher Mrs.Boyd
  • Man, I wish I had her as a teacher.