1st period

Updated: 9/10/2021
1st period

Storyboard Text

  • I need to sell these phones asap
  • wonder what it is
  • perhaps tell me more about it
  • good afternoon I was wondering if you'd be interested in a modernized flip phone?
  • I'm selling a 2021 modernized flip phone that's easy to use for those who have trouble using our regular touch screen phones and it includes many features
  • hey that sounds great considering I have trouble just unlocking the phone tell me more about the features
  • its an all new design flip phone with the same button feels but with a better screen and much more minimal, starting price is $180 for a 16 GB version to our premium version at $310. has face unlock and voice activated assistants and has quick emergency dial great for emergency's if you're interested i could give you our website or we could do the paper work right now