sac 2
Updated: 6/2/2020
sac 2

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, I enjoyed learning about it.
  • Do you understand Reconciliation now?
  • Today you have learned about four sacraments. These are the major sacraments a child receives in their early years of life.
  • Yes, let's all start eating.
  • It was very interesting to learn about them.
  • Hey, is dinner ready?
  • Wait, I still have one more question.
  • Can we eat dinner now? I'm starving.
  • Yes, let's all start eating.
  • Oh, what is it sweetie?
  • Let's all sit down and explain it to you.
  • Hey, is dinner ready?
  • Yeah, let's eat now.
  • Wait, I still have one more question.
  • What's the sacrament of Reconciliation? It sounds really familiar.
  • After my family's explanation, I finally understand Reconciliation.
  • This sacrament is called the Eucharist.
  • Now I know more about Baptism, the Eucharist, Confirmation, and Reconciliation.
  • So when the dog woke up from his dream, he was ready to be a good example to others and become obedient.
  • The super-dog gave him a gift that will help him lead a good life.
  • You see, the dog needed help to listen to his owner. So a super-dog was with him in a very special way.
  • Now we can finally eat dinner.
  • This sacrament is called Reconciliation.
  • After my mother explained Baptism, we went to the living room where my father explained the Eucharist.
  • My parents were getting ready for dinner so I went to my brother's room where he explained the sacrament of Confirmation
  • Just before dinner, my family all gathered and explained the sacrament of Reconciliation.