Whiskas Commercial
Updated: 2/14/2020
Whiskas Commercial

Storyboard Text

  • Cat is sleeping on a chair. Camera pans over it, emphasizing its "cute" features. The cat is cuddled in a relaxed, sleeping position. The background music played throughout the advertisement is "Can't smile without you" by Barry Manilow.
  • The cat wakes up from a well-earned nap. Is is filmed grooming itself, getting head scratches by its owner, and playing with its leg & tail.
  • The cat is seen as playful. It is playing with a plastic bottle cap. The cat is filmed toying around with its "toy" and is enjoying life.
  • The owner is seen comforting and cuddling with its cat. It shows the love that owners have for their pet cat. Cats are irresistible and prone to being held and cuddled.
  • The cat is seen advertising "Whiskas" cat food, by posing for the product. The cat food is shown laying on the cats stomach.
  • The last seen is the cat eating Whiskas cat food. A quote appears saying "Whiskas; because we know how much they mean to us"