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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/28/2019
Unknown Story
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  • I paid taxes just from a New's Paper
  • News Paper
  • The Stamp was just a mark showing that a tax had been paid. Was the first direct tax on colonists and required a stamp be placed on all printed goods.
  • Stamp act of 1764
  • The Boston Tea Party was a Protest from The Sons of Liberty because of the tea act. The Sons of Liberty dressed up like Indina's and dumped tea into Boston Harbor.
  • The Boston Massacre- March 5,1770 6 people died and 6 people where wounded
  • sugar
  • Sugar Act-1764 Taxes on sugar 
  • Yes come in, right this way.
  • The Quartering Act-1765 Colonies had to provide food and shelter to British soldiers. If they didn't they would go to jail.
  • Feed us food
  • No more Paying Taxes 
  • so
  • Join or Die
  • Freedom for Britain
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