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Updated: 1/13/2020
Unknown Story
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  • "Emma takes advantage of my silence and races toward me. She's wearing pants an a well-made jacket. There's a bag strung about her shoulders. She's thought this through, deliberately followed me." (Bowman 91)
  • Emma symbolizes loyalty. She followed Gray even though it almost meant certain death. She also believed he would come back even after his supposed death. Then again when he really doesn't want to talk to her she still waits for him.
  • "Frank, who put his hand on my shoulder and talked to me like father and wanted me to help him. And maybe I still need to help him. Harvey is the true enemy, but Frank feels less and less like an ally with each record we read." (Bowman 166)
  • Emma
  • Gray symbolizes rebellion. Gray always goes against the grain of his city. He eventually has enough and while everyone said he shouldn't jump the wall he rebelled and did it. Also once he gets to the city he instantly is different than everyone else and eventually goes against Frank the leader. Often like many rebellions they don't think and don't plan and Gray does this often throughout the story.
  • Harvey symbolizes people getting taken advantage of. Harvey was helping Frank to make a clone army. Harvey realizes the bad and his only option was to run. Even after he ran away Frank framed him to be the reason for all the bad.
  • "'Gray, please. Please don't be that selfish.' She grabs my hand in desperation... I break away. She stands, alone her nightgown blowing about her shins as I sprint home." (Bowman 84)
  • Blaine symbolizes the good in the world. Blaine is Gray's twin brother. Blaine is completely selfless, he would do anything for anyone. He often helps others in the town with crops and does good deeds.
  • The dropping of the virus symbolizes anxiety. Gray and Bree went on a mission to contain the antidote. When the virus dropped and they had taken the virus they were all stressed and worried.
  • "It pulls me from my thoughts and I find her staring at me, again with the same inquisitive look I can't read. 'Like Blaine,' she clarifies. 'I know, I know. He's kind and responisble, and I'm reckless. He thinks through. I react." (Bowman 48)
  • Frank symbolizes corruption. He is the leader of AM East and many believe him to be amazing. He is using controlled societies to make an army. He then avoids criticism by blaming it on Harvey who realized the what Frank was and left.
  • "So why'd you do it Harvey? Why work for him?" He thinks about that for a moment. 'I was young and impressionable, I suppose. Frank plucked me from my childhood orphanage and brought me to Union Central, where were state-of-the-art labs and technology and more water than I could ever drink... I felt like I had a family.'" (Bowman 282)
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