Andrew Jackson
Updated: 3/13/2020
Andrew Jackson
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  • The Indian Removal Act
  • Veto of the Second National Bank
  • Nullification Proclamation
  • Andrew Jackson and the congress passed the act that removes the Native Americans from their sacred grounds and moved them to a reservation. Many of them died on the way to the reservation.
  • Texas Independance
  • Andrew Jackson did not like the National Bank so during his second term he destroyed it by moving all the federal funds to state banks.
  • Jackson becomes president
  • Andrew Jackson proclaimed that the states can't void the Federal laws and he enforced it with weapons to make sure people followed the rules.
  • Jackson eliminates the National Debt
  • Texas declares themselves independent from Mexico and Andrew Jackson Recognizes it but doesn't announce it because it will anger the Mexicans who once owned Texas.
  • Andrew Jackson ran for president in 1824 and had the most amount of votes, however since it was such a low number(less than 50%), congress got to choose and they chose Adams.
  • Andrew Jackson pays off all the money owed to other countries and freed the country of debt.
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