kahmiya percy jacksons project
Updated: 11/26/2019
kahmiya percy jacksons project

Storyboard Text

  • Grover: this bus stink.
  • Dylainey: let's go in
  • percy: ok
  • Grover: this place it cool.
  • Dylainey: look at all the games
  • Percy: i don't want them flowers .
  • Grover: this food is good
  • Percy:it’s time to go we getting chased by people.
  • Dylainey: i'm have a good time
  • Percy: let's go play.
  • Grover: this does not look right.
  • Dylainey: this look weird
  • Percy: this is suspicious.
  • Dylainey: i’m Dancing with people.
  • Percy: it’s time to go we getting chased by people.
  • Grover: What year is it
  • Dylainey:i’m Dancing with people.
  • Grover: I'm not ready to leave.