Updated: 2/9/2020
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  • Ahura Mazda
  • In the beginning there was nothing except the Wise lord named Ahura Mazda. He lived in the Endless light while the Evil Spirit Ahriman lived to Abdicate Darkness. Between them was emptiness.
  • Ahriman
  • Gayomard
  • Then, Ahura Mazda began creating things to fill the emptiness. He created the sky made of metal, pure water, the Earth was flat and round, and many other things. He also created the first man named Gayomard.
  • Ahriman saw what the Wise Lord was doing and snarled he asked for his help. In response Ahriman created demons witches, monsters to attack the Endless Light.
  • Knowing that Ahriman would respond like this, the Wise Lord created six spirits called Holy Immortals , to defend His creations against the darkness.
  • Lastly, the Wise Lord made his own Holy Spirit the protector of mankind.
  • So Ahriman and his Creations atacked Ahura Mazda's creations and thought he was victorious when he killed Gayonard.
  • Ahriman and his creations fled back to the darkness, a rhubarb plant grew from Gayonard's bones
  • After 40 years, a man and a woman grew out of the rhubarb plant.
  • Into
  • Mashya and Mashyana promised the Wise Lord that their children would help Him in His battke against Ahriman. Mashyana then gave birth to fifteen twins and every pair scattered around the world and became a race. Then each person followed the good thoughts, good deeds, and good words. Each became a follower of the Wise Lord in His battle with the Evil Spirit.
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