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Updated: 3/31/2020
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War or 1812

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  • Impressment
  • The Battle of Tippecanoe
  • War Hawks vs NE Federalists
  • War Hawks
  • It's too dangerous!
  • War!
  • NE Federalists
  • During the time that the French and British were at war, the British troops would attack American trading ships and kidnap the people on board to join their side, increasing tension between the two countries. This was known as impressment.
  • The War of 1812-Humiliation and Pride
  • While William Henry Harrison thought he was making peace with the Natives, Tecumseh--the Shawnee Chief-- was less than happy. When Britain gave them weapons to slow down US expansion, they attacked the US and increased tension between Britain and the US.
  • The US and Britain
  • The Americans were not happy with what the British were doing and finding out that Britain was behind the Native American attack only angered them further. Congress was split into two groups. War Hawks, and New England Federalists. The War Hawks were encouraging war while New England wanted to set up friendly business with Britain. Eventually, after James Madison gave Congress the opportunity to vote on war, the War Hawks won and the US declared war
  • The US and the World
  • The war of 1812 is also known as the war of humiliation and pride. This is due to the fact that in every battle, one of the sides were completely humiliated. This war is also where the Star Spangled Banner came from after a long battle the the flag stayed standing throughout despite the fact that the odds were not in US favor. In this battle, nobody lost or gained land. It did however prove some points and settle some things.
  • Once the war was over, nobody had lost any land but some relationships were set and points were proven. The US and Britain formed a relationship similar to siblings that would later be vital in world affairs.
  • The US also proved to other countries that they weren't to be taken lightly and despite their size they could put up a fight. The hostile Native Americans also stepped down and rather than seeing the war as humiliation and pride, as the death of their dreams.
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