Health project
Updated: 2/8/2019
Health project

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, there! My name is Brethany and today I am going to be teaching you about the way our body uses oxygen!
  • My name is Jane and I'm helping to explain as well.
  • First, we breathe in the oxygen through our mouth and.....
  • Nose!
  • What comes next Jane?
  • Well, after you breathe in the oxygen it goes down your throat through a pipe called the trachea.
  • Yeah and after it goes down the trachea, it goes down the ...
  • Ah yes! I remember now!
  • Oh you mean the things in the lungs that look like grapes.
  • Right, than it goes to the air sacks in the lungs called the alveoli.
  • Then after it goes down the bronchi, it goes down a series of tubes in the lungs called the bronchioles. 
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