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Black Cat
Updated: 10/16/2020
Black Cat
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • The narrator begins this story by trying to convince the reader that he is not crazy even though the reader doesn't know yet what he had has done. The unnamed narrator flashes back to his childhood to tell us about his fondness of animals. The narrator is now married and his wife shares his love of animals.The narrator admits that he is an alcoholic which makes him abusive towards everyone but his black cat named, Pluto.
  • Climax
  • During the next few years the narrator's anger had gotten worse but he managed to control it around Pluto. Then one night after coming home drunk, the narrator felt like Pluto was avoiding him so he cut his eye out.The cat slowly recovered but he refused to get near the narrator in fear that he could be hurt again.
  • Falling Action
  • The narrator becomes annoyed by Pluto's distance from him so he decided to kill the cat by hanging him from a tree.That same night, the house caught fire and everything was destroyed except for the walls . On the wall behind his bed there was the outline of a cat with a noose around its neck
  • Resolution
  • The narrator finds a new cat that looks just like Pluto but this cat has a white marking on its chest. At first, the man and his wife love the cat but soon the narrator begins to hate him. When the man has had enough of the cat he tries to kill him with an ax but when his wife tries to stop him she gets hit instead.
  • The narrator now has to clean up the mess and hide her body. He decided the best way to dispose of her was to just place her body in the walls of the cellar. The walls were not very strong so it was not hard for him to do.The cat has disappeared and the narrator is confident that all his problems have been solved
  • After a few days, the police came unexpectedly see the narrator and the narrator calmly lead them around the house. When it was time to go into the cellar the narrator boasted about how strong the cellar walls but when he tapped the wall with his cane there was a sound from the other side.When the police tore down the wall they found the wife's body and the cat with the white spot.
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