how to make a law
Updated: 11/6/2020
how to make a law

Storyboard Description

it a homework

Storyboard Text

  • An idea to make a law
  • there's been alot of shooting this past year we need to change this
  • introducing it to the representative
  • lately there been a lot of shooting so i wondered if we could make a law that lowers the shooting
  • mmm that sound like a good idea ill bring it up to the commitiee
  • telling the comitiees about the law
  • we should make the a law
  • a boy lives in the south side of Chicago and theirs often a shooting for no reason and he wants to change that
  • IT goes into the building
  • the boy is telling the representative an idea that sound like a good the next meeting hell show the commitiee a law
  • it goes to a different house
  • the bill get passed
  • the repersentive is telling the comitee about the gun voulence laws and explaining everything and how its a good idea
  • the president is looking at the bill
  • i do not approve
  • the are deciding if it should be a law or get vetoed(the box it ment to look like a bill)
  • it is the senate house passed the bill and it going to go to the president
  • the president does not approve because he still think no matter what people are still going to shoot people for no reason