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Hero Journey
Updated: 9/26/2020
Hero Journey
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Knight vs dragon

Storyboard Text

  • Status Quo: This is Sir John who serves as one of the royal guard to protect the King and Queen of lander stride of the North.
  • Call to adventure: Sir John was called to speak with the King on a serious matter at hand, the king had news of a dragon terrorizing the people and wanted him to deal with it and told him that he should go to the wizard for guidance .
  • Assistance: Sir John went to the wizard and asked where the dragon was located and the wizard told him to the south, past the No mans forest into a cave. The wizard also told him the weak point of a dragon is under their jaw to get close enough you need to take this fire resistance shield and so he did.
  • The departure: Sir john went to the stable and grabbed the fastest horse their and road through the village down South with shield and sword in hand. with the crowd shouting his Name.
  • Trails: When Sir John reach ed the No mans forest the horse got spooked and kicked John and ran away leaving John to walk the rest of the way. As John walk through the forest he had to deal with ghost bothering him and he had to fight a werewolf that got the jump on him and started attacking him. Luckily John was able to overpower the beast and move onward.
  • Approach: Sir John once in the cave realized that it was sleeping and he tried to get close but he tripped over the gold and had waken the dragon up it hit the shield out of johns hand and flung it over to the side out of reach john ran to the shield, picked it up and started to walk towards the dragon which was spiting flames, when they got close John got the ending blow and making the dragon fall in the lava but his arm got Burnt to a crisp.
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