Big Force
Updated: 1/31/2020
Big Force
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  • The bowling ball and the feather will drop towards the earth's core because of gravity, they would hit the ground at same time if there was no fluid friction
  • Fluid friction will cause the bowling ball to fall a lot faster than the feather, due to the bowling ball's weight
  • Owwww
  • He is able to jump because of the elastic bungee cord
  • Time to bungee jump!
  • The elastic force will cause him to stop and then launch back up, allowing him to slow down
  • Weeeeeee
  • I'm Magnet Man! I can move any metal with my mind!
  • Adventures of Magnet Man!
  • Can't actually solve crimes just gets attracted to them
  • Unless, it moves me first! Magnet Man!
  • This has been Adventures of Magnet Man!
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