Science Project Making Forces Funny
Updated: 2/2/2020
Science Project Making Forces Funny
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  • On this day, the 54th super bowl would be airing. However, 4 unfortunate students had gotten into trouble and were facing something that would stop them from seeing the superbowl.... DETENTION. But at this school students were different each student had been a force, like gravity or acceleration.
  • They all had gotten in trouble for the same reason, talking during the Link-it, as suspecting of cheating. Elasticty, has always been a good student, she never broke any rules, but she talked once to tell Gravity, to be quiet during the test. Along with magnetism, he had gotten in trouble before but never the bad. However Gravity and Friction were the bad kids at school they were just angry cause they liked the super bowl
  • These four kids were called
  • Gravity
  • Magnetism
  • Elasticity
  • Friction
  • However, they decided to escape detention. Not the smartest choice to make, but it was super bowl Sunday, and they needed to watch it. But the odds were not in Frictions favor today! The shoes Friction wore had not been sliding friction, they have static friction, which
  • Guys, my shoes are slowing me down, the floor must be rougher and now the friction of my shoes are being affected!
  • OH NO!
  • Although they had to leave Friction behind, as the detention teacher caught him, they couldn't give up now. They started running past the lockers, but once they were close, Magnetism flew off the ground got stuck to the lockers. They had forgotten that the lockers were made of magnetic steel. Now its up to Gravity and Elasticity, to escape!
  • Unfortunately, the detention teacher had been walking down the main hallway, so they had to split up. Walking down the other hallway, one of the lockers were open, and Elasticity's sleeve got caught on it and stretched her arm out. But her arm slipped off send it flying back at her and hit her with the strong force of elasticity, which sent her flying right to the detention teacher. I guess you could say that her arm was like a rubber band with 2 people holding on the the end, and one let go and the other got hurt, which was her. In the auditorium, which is where Gravity ended up. She had looked at the school plays main prop, the spaceship, for the play Apollo 11. All the sudden she had been pulled towards it. Her mass was smaller than the prop, which caused her to start orbiting around it. She should really get the part for the moon in the school play, as she is doing great at it now!
  • Although they were all caught, at least the teacher had been nice enough to let them watch the super bowl during detention! Now until the next time they get in trouble all together again. They will definitely stay in their detention to not face these difficulties again, or will they want another adventure
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