Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Before
  • Many scholars made huge breakthroughs in science and math, before that, people were relying on ideas from ancient texts.
  • After
  • People then started observing the world around them. Scientists started experimenting instead of relying on old books, the new analyzed data then improved the accuracy of information.
  • For example, a worker in the cloth industry/guild could also be involved in the real estate guild.
  • Florence also shifted to a money based economy. This helped along the bank industry, which resulted in the famous city becoming Europe’s banking hub.
  • People traveled far and wide here to convert their money (florins) so that it could be used anywhere in Europe. Florence then became richer than most kingdoms in Europe.
  • The Medici Bank Of Florence
  • We retrieved the money from the bank sir.